With the most varied technology and professional resources, SERVICIOSNAE offers highly competitive products and services. Research, Business and Organizational Analysis, Process Reengineering, Logistics and Administration, Project Control. Office Management. Payroll and Human Resources Management and other activities that complement business operations optimizing resources, without sacrificing quality.

The commitment of SERVICIOSNAE.

To provide cutting-edge services. To implement international standards to all services according to ISO Standards in an efficient way both at small and large scale. We innovate to grow with you. Worldwide service management.

SBA (Small Business Administration) services are provided under our absolute direction and control, representing an advantage in offering our services. Corporations, Companies and Internet businesses guaranteed under quality policies because technology revolutionizes the way of doing business.

“Do not set a very low goal; if you do not aspire to much, that is what you will get”

Jim Rohn


Our management is based on a global approach, management is not just numbers, it is based on planning, organization, direction and control strategies that allow organizations, companies, businesses and people to obtain clear information for decision making.

These strategies applied as managers have an important influence on your performance with respect to your competitors. A strategy is a set of structured actions that managers take to improve the performance of their business. For most, if not all, companies, the ultimate challenge is to outperform their competitors. If one business’s strategies result in superior performance, it has an advantage over others.

We offer business management, business, office, property, personal finance and investment.


“You’re not your resume, you’re your job”

Seth godin

As organizations, no matter their size or focus, they all share three common characteristics.

First, each organization has a purpose. This purpose differs from one another and is expressed in terms of a goal or a set of goals that the organization wishes to achieve.

Second, each organization is composed of individuals. People are needed to establish the purpose, as well as to carry out a variety of activities that will make the goal a reality.

Third, all organizations develop a systematic structure that defines the different roles of their members and often sets limits on work behaviors. This includes creating rules, giving some members responsibility for supervising others, forming work teams, or writing job descriptions so that members of the organization know their responsibilities.

NAE through its ongoing training and education services. It manages, selects and hires personnel, supporting these guidelines, achieving shared benefits, a satisfied and efficient worker together with a productive organization. Professional and quality personnel.


When your organization wants to sell any product or service…

requires systematic design, management and control of the processes that transform inputs into services and products for local and international clients. In general terms, procurement and logistics are present in all areas because many processes are carried out there. If you aspire to manage a specific process in your discipline, or if you just want to understand how the process you are part of fits into the overall structure of the company, you need to understand what you need best to sell more.

Our price and supplier analysis system allows you to make your wholesale purchases in one go, with no minimum purchase requirements, directly from your home or office. Innovation and cost fully available.


Technology has become part of our modern life, we have had to adapt to it, whether we like it or not. The use of email to keep us informed of our banking transactions. Registering with public agencies to manage our identity, public services, among others.

The use of servers and the Internet is a necessity

In the business world, this need is multiplied, it is an obligation. We need to reach our customers, increase sales, generate profits by doing profitable business. The increased use of technology decreases operating costs.

If it is not on the Internet, it does not exist! Thus NAE Venezuela with servers that cover the largest number of countries around the world under its administration, offers complete stability for their websites, email, marketing service, database, research and development, from personal to large numbers of users, need for traffic and income generation in web 2.0.


Since its inception in 1995, e-commerce around the world, Europe, Asia and Latin America has grown from a stable startup to a $225 billion retail business and a $3.6 trillion monster in business-to-business transactions; causing a huge shift in business enterprises and markets, as well as in consumer behavior.

It is projected that over the next five years, e-commerce (in all its forms) will continue to grow to become the fastest growing form of commerce in the world, just as automobiles, airplanes, and electronic devices defined the 20th century.

Established commercial enterprises (such as Wal-Mart, General Electric), such as the Internet companies Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, are rapidly moving towards an e-commerce based economy and society, so you can now buy and sell directly from them.

SERVICIOSNAE adapting to the changes, and breaking commercial paradigms, also adds in Venezuela and the world to these advances offering our experience in e-commerce where you can modernize your way of selling your products and services totally online, with total security and quality for you and your customers.

Popular e-commerce stores in Venezuela like Mercadolibre are already adapting to their customers and the way they do business online, and what do you expect? your business can also be part of the technological advances we provide.

Totally virtual and secure. We have state-of-the-art technology, updated platforms and servers, all-in-one services for your online store; ShopifyPrestaShopOpenCart and many other shopping carts, design and countless custom tools.


This and many more products and services we offer for you, with the most complete advice and business management adapted to your needs before purchase, completely free of charge.

Request up to two (2) support and engineering services, virtual personal attention, telephone or email for efficient decision making and that will ensure reducing uncertainties in your environment.

Professionals with more than 15 years of experience and constantly updated to meet your needs and support services for any area and in many countries where you require the information.