Register and verify PayPal accounts from Venezuela

PayPal is an open digital payment platform with over 277 million active users. Register and verify PayPal account gives us the security and confidence to connect and transact without being a bank, whether online, on a mobile device, in an application or in person by creating a combination of technological innovation.

PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, offering choice and flexibility when sending or receiving payments. Available in over 200 countries worldwide, it includes other platforms from the same company, Braintree, Venmo and Xoom.

Allows both individuals and businesses to receive money in over 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56, and maintain balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.

How to sign up for PayPal and choose your account type

PayPal is a payment processor widely used for payments of products and services, it is also used to send and receive money from friends. It depends on what type of account you have registered.


To sign up, PayPal has 3 types of accounts: Personal, Premier, and Business accounts. Personal accounts buy and send money. Business accounts sell and receive money. They all work pretty much the same. The advantages between them are the use and the amount limits that can send or receive and can be verified or not.

A person can register up to 2 PayPal accounts in his or her name, one personal type and one business type, with different mailings and addresses. A single PayPal account can associate up to 5 emails in a single account, a kind of 5 accounts with One.

Verify PayPal account from Venezuela

When you make a purchase or are sent a payment, many merchants request that your account be verified. However, if you’re going to make regular payments or payments over $500, you need an account with that verified status.

The seller or buyer appears as “verified” in the transaction details. This increases security between sellers and buyers, provides additional proof of identity, and lets others know that you have completed the process.

To verify PayPal from Venezuela, the system requires to know who you really are, as it happens with any platform that requires your legal information to process a transaction in a reliable and secure way.

The most used method by the platforms at international level to verify if you are a real person, are the physical or virtual credit cards with CVV security code and expiration date. The security of this method ensures that the address and name belong to a natural person.

Step by step to verify your PayPal account

  1. Register a PayPal account, add your personal data as it appears on your ID, preferably just first and last name. Cell phone, Digitel (SMS arrive faster) in 412 format, without the zero, the system adds it automatically. Address, as it appears in your RIF, bank or service and DO NOT modify it. Only modify your data in banks, services or RIF, before registering your account in PayPal if necessary.
  1. Buy a virtual VID card at the link and follow the purchase steps.
  2. Add the VID on PayPal under “Associate Card” from PayPal
Paypal Venezuela
  1. An acceptance message will appear with the type of card, Visa or MasterCard, debit, credit or other. Accept in READY.
  1. After you associate, request the code and check your VID mail in the PayPal average time to add it and verify the VID.
Verify Paypal
  1. Confirm with the 4-digit code sent to your VID and add it to PayPal
Verify Paypal
  1. Congratulations!!! You have now verified your account. You do not need to verify your PayPal account again. Only when your card expires, upgrade to another one, as is the case with all credit cards. Your card has expired and will limit some or other operations.
Paypal Venezuela

PayPal fees

To register an account, it’s free. There are no maintenance fees. PayPal only charges when you make any transaction

If you make a purchase, the merchant pays the commissions. If you are going to make a shipment or agreed to receive, a 5.4% + 0.3 Usd of the amount of the operation will be charged. However, if you are going to withdraw money from PayPal to a bank account that belongs to you in the United States, you will not pay commissions.

PayPal is one of the highest fee processors for sending money, but it has its advantages. Your purchases are insured by the buyer protection program. What you buy is what you get. You can request a refund and product return in the disputes section.

Recommendations and basic tips for using PayPal accounts

Having an account to make online purchases, send and receive money anywhere in the world and to register in thousands of shops and make purchases safely and without limitations is a great advantage, as we can count on liquidity and solvency to process any transaction.

PayPal is a very simple, safe and intuitive processor to use, nothing new compared to what happens in a Bank, without being one.

Here are the precautions you should take if you use PayPal as a processor. Following the most basic terms and conditions will prevent your funds from being blocked, suspended, withheld, or removed from your account.

  • Avoid movements that could be fraudulent.
  • Avoid using PayPal to buy or sell products or services that have been identified as possibly fraudulent or prohibited.
  • Provide photos and detailed product descriptions if you operate a shopping cart or ecommerce.
  • Don’t make unusual movements to your account, such as amounts that don’t correspond to a normal person or sending and receiving money that doesn’t match what you actually do with your sales pattern.
  • When sending money, choose the “no address needed” option.
  • Use payment formats with precise terms.

You can always check the help mechanisms on the page itself or follow the PayPal link for more information.