Register and verify PayPal account

Verifica Paypal

Register and verify PayPal accounts from Venezuela PayPal is an open digital payment platform with over 277 million active users. Register and verify PayPal account gives us the security and confidence to connect and transact without being a bank, whether online, on a mobile device, in an application or in person by creating a combination of technological innovation. PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, offering choice and…

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Fiat money. What is it?

Money, much has been said about it, let’s exemplify it in a simple way. Fiat money comes from the Latin “Fiat” which means “let it be, let it be” with the authority given by some government by decree for commercial exchange and generally issued by the central banks. Now let’s talk about the interesting thing about Fiat money. Banks CREATE MONEY out of nothing (yes out of nothing, this is…

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