Every year in many countries around the world, hundreds of projects are generated in all academic areas in institutes and universities, many with the purpose of fulfilling an institutional requirement.

Likewise, institutions, investors, companies, businesses, individuals and governments race to complete a project or an idea that results in economic, social or productive benefit to those involved.

The reason for all these well-structured projects is to solve a problem in the medium or long term, but few of them become a real project or end up as an unfinished dream.


In the World Bank’s 2018 World Development Report, the World Bank is the leading financier of education in the developing world. In FY 2019, it provided approximately $3 billion for education programs, technical assistance, and other projects designed to improve learning and give all people the opportunity to receive the education they need to thrive.

The current portfolio of projects for 2020 totaled $16 billion, underscoring the importance of education in achieving the institutional goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

For the World Bank, hourly earnings increase by 9% for each additional year in education. It enhances long-term economic development, promotes innovation, strengthens institutions and fosters social cohesion.


Every year NAE opens the opportunity to apply for projects in Venezuela. The process consists of individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs with a profitable business idea that can bring their project to reality through education and applied technological innovation.

Taking as a reference the needs of transformation, in NAE we believe that economic stability through education is an engine of development and one of the most effective tools to reduce poverty and achieve certain equality.

Making smart and effective investments in people is essential to develop human capital and thus reduce social inequality. Generating consistent benefits in terms of income is a guarantee of equal opportunities. It promotes employment, income, health and poverty reduction because a properly educated person contributes to all those around him/her in the factors of care.


NAE assists participants. As has already been mentioned on several occasions, education is an important factor. That is why we have experienced and trained professionals in business and technology areas to train all participants from the beginning of the feasibility of a project, so that they can carry it to completion in the area or competence presented.

All this hand in hand with NAE as an investor in technology and education of the accepted project. During a previously stipulated period of time, NAE will guarantee the development and stability of the project, but the participant is the key decision maker of his business, therefore the educational and technological training offered by NAE will be fundamental.

Our vision, to break preconceived ideas in business administration, with technology and professional training to people, businesses or entrepreneurs with a clear social conscience for their own economic and productive stability and to replicate and promote innovation, effort and work towards sustainable development becoming profitable companies in the long term.


Scientific Research
Administration and Economics
Procurement and Supplies
Ports and Airports
Petroleum and Hydrocarbons
Construction and Architecture
Manufacturing and Industrialization
Agriculture and Livestock
Ecology and Environmental Management
Medicine and Health
No project involving the promotion of violence, discrimination, mistreatment, money laundering or any illegal act may be submitted.


Natural persons, students, independent professionals, de facto partnerships, small businesses, legal entities and SMEs are eligible to apply.
The applicant or participant must be at least a Bachelor and be over 18 years old.
You can only participate in one project.
The idea or business must have innovative and feasible characteristics.
The project must be presented with its original idea by the owner.
Projects will only be accepted through the automated means provided for this purpose.

Postulation does not mean that your project or idea has been accepted. To continue with the process you must have received an authorization code if your project is feasible. For further information, please refer to the official channels of this website or ask the Online Support.

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