Technological advances and online protection have invaded the markets, now simply from the comfort of the home or office we have access to countless products and services, finance is moving forward and gaining followers. A report published by the famous protection company Kaspersky points out that one of the main causes of cyber attacks is weak passwords.

As technology advances, so do security breaches. Use software downloaded from official stores or that signifies quality or protection. Make updates of the applications you have on your cell phone or computer, often this will solve problems of vulnerability of your systems.

It is important to educate us on financial issues so that people can manage the security of their passwords. Most of the fraud that is committed is external to the financial operation, cloning of cards, carelessness with the use of keys, card theft, etc, and not because they have attacked the security systems of the banks, always verify the address of the institution in the address bar of your browser and the SSL certificate or green bar, every institution is obliged to use this in their systems, never open a direct link in your email, it is preferable to copy and paste, and only place your password if you have correctly verified the https address in the address bar.